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And in other news . . .


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The College Commentary

By Kaitlin Wilson

Are you a democrat or a republican? Do you like Trump or Clinton? Who are you voting for on Election Day? These are frequently asked questions recently floating around college campuses.

College campuses and students are notoriously known for being politically opinionated. Becoming America’s future adults, college students strive to gain an understanding of how society works and how to improve it. With this in mind, these students are relatively new to the voting scene. They try to formulate their own political opinions through their personal knowledge and through political experiences they have had.

College students are typically stereotyped for being liberal know-it-alls. This may be because colleges and universities are generally more liberal and democratic. What would make these students more liberal? Maybe it’s their professors, the course content they learn or maybe it’s from the influence of family and friends.

Curious in seeing how my university’s student body felt about the presidential candidates in the upcoming election, I conducted an anonymous online sample survey to see what made Trump and Clinton appealing to my age group. I also included an “other” category if a participant liked another candidate better. To my surprise, Donald Trump received 69.2% of the vote for the candidate best suited for presidency, while Hillary Clinton received 0% of the vote. The remaining 30.8% of the vote went to Bernie Sanders in the “other” category.

For the majority who selected Donald Trump, students said they admired his tenacity, business experience, leadership qualities, macroeconomic policies, ability to create jobs and trustworthiness. When asked what they already knew about Trump, people stated his entrepreneurship, wealth, republican affiliation, and experience on his show Celebrity Apprentice. His separation from Washington was also stated as another appealing factor about the candidate. All the positive characteristics mentioned for Trump show his well-roundedness. He was notorious for his knowledge on business and tremendous wealth in the survey.

While Hillary Clinton didn’t receive any votes in the conducted survey, people did leave comments about her. When asked what they already knew about Clinton, remarks included her Secretary of State email scandal along with the Monica Lewinski incident. All who took the survey were aware of her democratic affiliation and her loss to President Obama last during the last election. Others who commented said she was a political puppet and a notorious liar. It was also mentioned how she defended Planned Parenthood despite their breaching of the law.
While Trump’s successes and well-roundedness were highlighted throughout the survey, Clinton deceitfulness and scandals were also presented. All of Clinton’s negative characteristics were brought to the surface, showing how she hasn’t done a good job in winning over college students. Her lies and fakeness have caught up with her.

Further stealing Clinton’s thunder, Bernie Sanders seems to resonate more with the democratic side of Seton Hall University’s student body. The 30.8% who chose him over Clinton claimed to like Bernie because of his genuineness, economic and foreign policies and his socialist views. Some said he is the best candidate solely because they don’t like the other two.

Surprisingly to me, the university in which I attend generally tends to be more republican. This really shocked me because I feel everyone I talk to is constantly bashing republicans and Donald Trump. I feel like I always hear how great Clinton is and how the email scandal was a misunderstanding. Maybe it’s just the people I’m around most of the time or maybe my friends try to seem more liberal since they are indulged in a college atmosphere.

Under the impression my school was more liberal, it goes to show how everyone’s views may not always be what they seem. Maybe people are too afraid to stand up to their peers or professors views because they will be judged. This survey demonstrates how we must have faith in our personal political opinions and stand up to those who try to shut our ideas down. We don’t have to always listen to what our professors or friends think. At the end of the day, the name we write down on our individual ballet is what matters.

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On the Lighter Side


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Open Letter to the IRS

xxx, Director
Internal Revenue Service headquarters
1111 Constitution Ave., NW;
Washington, DC 20224

Re: My Refund on 2015 return for (number redacted)

Dear Mr. xxx:

On March 23, 2016, I contacted the IRS & spoke with an Agent xxx 100323xxxx who was pleasant and switched me to a refund department in Pittsburgh under a transfer pin # (redacted). The agent that responded most rudely was Ms. xxx 10002xxxx. She started by asking my name and specifically said “don’t spell it”. Everyone gets my name wrong and usually want to reverse it, so why wouldn’t I spell it? This woman had a real attitude problem. She also put me on hold for over 20 minutes reviewing my 2015 return. She could have taken my number & called me back.

She then came on and said something about the 12 week or May 7th. I wasn’t certain what she was saying and since she was so nasty, I didn’t want to ask her to explain or repeat herself, I simply wanted to get off the phone with this evil sounding woman.

I waited until last week on April 27, & attempted to try again. The agent was Miss xxx badge # 272xxxx. The phone call began at around 10am and concluded at 1:10 pm. That alone should make anyone become frustrated and annoyed, but I proudly kept my cool although once again I had a real nasty person. Although I explained the refund that I was entitled to which was long overdue since my accountant filed my 2015 return electronically on February 27, 2016, she said it would be 9 weeks from March 28 or the end of May. I asked her to explain why & she refused to explain the reason so I requested to speak with her supervisor & Miss xxx became belligerent and hung up on me. If it was an accident she should have called me back or have had her supervisor do so.

I find it upsetting that any tax payer has to be confronted by agents that fail to be friendly & responsible to the citizen/taxpayer that is in reality paying their salary. There is no excuse for this type of behavior & there is no surprise why so many people are scared of your agency.

I’ve been told by others that their refunds took 2 weeks. I find that difficult to believe, but then maybe I was being discriminated because I dared to challenge an IRS agent on 2 occasions and was penalized for contacting the IRS on 2 different occasions.

Very truly yours,

Phone Number

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An Open Letter to Governor Kasich

Dear Governor Kasich,
You have made a valiant effort, have run a semi-relevant campaign and tried your gosh darn hardest to convince the American people you would make a good president.
Now let’s get to reality.

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Solutions that Don’t Come from the Federal Government

“An opportunity for the conservative movement,” argues Steve Hilton, a visiting professor at Stanford University and former advisor to British Prime Minister David Cameron, argues that our lives, from government and healthcare, to the ways we live and eat, are becoming too distant and industrialized. In More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First, he advocates for local solutions that prioritize the needs of individuals over large-scale economic and political goals.

Podcast Link:

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Trump Vader

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Cruz to Replace Scalia?

Ted Cruz Could Be Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

After Donald Trump’s sweep of the Republican primary contests on Tuesday night, the GOP nomination is likely out of reach for his two remaining opponents, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. But never fear, it looks like Cruz may have other potential job offers already lined up. A top Republican lawmaker said Tuesday… (more…)

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Trump more Presidential?

Can Trump Be Presidential? He’s Going To Try

As Republican front-runner Donald Trump heads into the last month and a half of primary voting, he is shifting tactics and reportedly trying to project a more serious image as a potential general election campaign draws nearer. Trump, who has been frequently criticized as a blowhard with sophomoric policy proposals, will kick off a series of… (more…)

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The Candidates and Israel: The GOP Edition

We talked about Hillary and Sanders and what their grade was in the school of Israel and the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Now it’s time to look at the candidates from the party that has championed support for Israel. Let us see if the candidates are as pro-Israel as they pretend to be or if they are just trying to gain the Jewish vote.


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